School departments

Applied Department

This is the practical department comprising of Five Disciplines including Home-science, Agriculture, Business, Computer and Music. All the discipline in the department aims at impacting practical skills to the learners which can be actualized even in practical world. It borrows much from CBC policy of doing things.

Home science involves practical teaching and practical about cookery, Clothing Construction and House hold management like cleaning and general Environment hygiene.

Cookery impacts knowledge on general meal planning and actual cooking skills. Learners get knowledge on Baking and Icing various cakes, Cooking and Serving various meals. It also involves training on interior Deco, a knowledge people can use to earn some income after Sec education through events organizations and Deco in cerebrations. 

Home Science
computer class

Boarding Department

The school has seven dormitories which are large enough to accommodate all students without congestion.The dormitories are divided into houses whereby two of the dormitories form a house except for one dormitory which has a large capacity. This adds up to four houses every house having a mistress in charge. The department is made up ten members with two members being the principal and deputy and four other members being house mistresses.

Every other member of teaching staff is attached to the house and members of the same house should meet every Thursday to discuss issues concerning their house.The dormitories are well secured as they are fenced and there is provision of security lights which remains on throughout the night. Those dormitories are situated near the tuition blocks therefore our girls do not fear as they go to sleep after the night preps.

We ensure that every dormitory has students from all classes. This enables the girls to relate and socialize well.Members from different dorms engage in competition for games and sports and cultural activities for students to show case their talents. it also helps them to appreciate their different cultures they thus fostering national integration.The houses also compete in cleanliness and the house that emerges the cleanest is awarded at the end of the term.

Modern hostels
h.o.d Boarding

Guidance And Counselling

Eldoro Girls has a guidance and counselling department that offers confidential counselling services within the premise of a serene environment. The services are open to all students. In addition to individual counselling sessions students have the opportunity to take part in groups, workshops and club activities whose agenda address interpersonal skills and relationships, stress management, confidence building, assertiveness, loss and invisible disabilities sex education and substance abuse.

The department makes integrated programs at the beginning of the term with facilitators entailing teachers, invited motivational speakers and counselors

The students are also grouped into twenty seven(27) families which are patronized by teachers who act as school parents. All these programs have helped nurture wholistic students thus making the school the best place to be; a home far away from hom

Mathematics Department

Mathematics plays a vital role when it comes to career choice of any student. As teachers of mathematics in our institution we considered this and we came up with our mathematics slogan in our institution to ensure that our girls could focus in this subject and ensure them passing in the subject that is ‘MATHEMATICS FOR LIFE’ 

We have excellent , well trained teachers ,self driven and enough teachers to enable our learners to consult mathematics questions at any given time. This subject requires lot of practice for that case our text books is in the ratio 1:1 per student. As a department we engage our leaners in a number of various activities and this includes,:


During this time students are given topical questions and the do discuss them in their groups. Mathematics teachers who are enough in number supervises the activity and assist the learners where need be. We do also encourage peer teaching during this time which is usually carried out by the subject promoters.


Each term we do conduct an internal contest whereby we allow learners to compete. That is we Foster for that spirit of competition and at the end of it we do award the learners who emerge the best in each and every class. The prizes that we award to our learners include: calculators, geometric sets, revision books etc.


We have been participating in the external contests from the sub-county level up to the national level and our students have been excelling. By doing so the attitude of our girls has turned out to be positive and our performance in the kcse  has been on an upward trajectory    in the recent past years.


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  • January 31, 2021