About Us.

History of our school.

Eldoro Girls High School begun as a village Youth Polytechnic in 1948 offering carpentry, brick laying and tailoring skills. It was run by the Catholic Church through missionaries from Ireland.

In 1967, it changed to a grammar school and students sat for KJSE exam at form two. Those who did well would proceed with further studies at form three in other schools. Later in 1973, the form three class was established and the first candidates did their K.A.C.E exam in 1974.

The school remained mixed up to 1998 when it became a pure Girls School. Over the years it has grown to become a three streamed school.

Over the years it has grown to become a three streamed school. Its enrolment stands at 500 students . The school has  teaching staff of 26 and 20 non-teaching staff.

Background information

The School is located in Taveta District which is within Taita/Taveta County in Coast Province. It is 13 km South of Taveta town which is on the leeward side of Mt.Kilimanjaro. The area is dry most of the time except when it experiences some rainfall that results in flooding because of large volumes of water from the mountain. Taveta is basically a semi-arid area . Most of the people in this region are peasant farmers growing maize, beans and bananas using irrigation.

Our leaders.


Existing Physical Facilities

The school has basic physical facilities. These include 12 classrooms, 2 laboratories and 6 dormitories as well as  an ICT room. The school has a steady water supply from a borehole owned by the school. The school farm pruduces a few vegetables for the school. The school has a dairy cow as well. The school bus is a bit old and requires replacement.

Academic Performance

The school has 5 academic departments namely, Sciences ,  Mathematics , Humanities , Languages and Technical and applied Sciences.

Sciences has 3 subjects namely Biology , Physics  and Chemistry .Languages has 2 subjects namely English and Kiswahili .Humanities has 3 subjects namely History ,Geography and CRE. Technical and Applied Sciences department has five subjects namely Agriculture , Homescience ,Business  Studies , Computer studies and music. The latest K.C.S.E mean scores for the school are as follows :

2018 – 4.0348

2019 – 4.5165

2020 – 4.8809

The results have been improving over the years .These results are attributed to the co-operation between the administration ,teachers ,students and parents.


The school has an active student’s council board. The members are usually elected every year in a democratic manner .The board consists of 36-39 members .

The board has been categorized into different departments to be able to manage issues effectively. These include the academics department , boarding department, dining hall and entertainment ,special rooms department and games and environment department.

Over the  years , the students council has been working tirelessly as a link between the administration and the students.


The discipline of the school has been improving over the years .This has  been made possible due to the :

Active Discipline Committee in place which ensures that all students maintain high level of discipline. Parents are also invited in school in gross misconduct issues amongst the learners .

Active Complaints Committee in place which also ensures that any complaints raised from the learners , teachers ,non-teaching staff are handled effectively and solutions provided in a timely manner .

The school also has a suggestion box which is specifically for students to raise their concerns, challenges and suggestions. The complaints committee have sittings on a weekly basis to discuss any issues raised through suggestion box.

The school also calls for school baraza once or twice a term whereby there is normally an open forum for learners to express their grievances ,views and any suggestions to improve their well being in school.